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76a422dc5d0cf1f2b9dfa3bd8deb89d5If I have seen and learned this once…I have seen and learned it a million times. The constant fight to keep what is real, pure, everlasting, and significant before and above the superficial, fake, dust to ashes, status quo.

Culture tells us to rage, primp, plump, add, take away, live for the moment, fit in, stand for nothing, fall for everything….and I for one will fight against all of that until the day I die.

Give me peace like a river that floods my soul….. any day.

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  1. what a beautiful message! the only peace that is real has nothing to do with anything superficial…’it is well with my soul’ is the only way to live.

    Blessings to you and yours in this Christmas season.

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