while we’re on the subject…..

I thought I’d put together a little holiday shopping guide ………all about deer things!! All of these particulars are under 50 buckaroos!!

I also have to confess that my husband is teaching me how to use photoshop and this is my first attempt! (he totally did it, and just made me feel like I was really great at it!!) I’m going to learn though…. it is sooooo cool!!

Have an awesome Tuesday my fabulous friends!! I have great things going on in the studio today!! Pictures soon!!

1. antique antlers- luxe deluxe– 35.00
2.new stag ring- dillon designs-8.00
3. brown leather antler pouch- bonspiel creation– 34.20
4. taxidermy deer wall wear- nea wear– 45.00
5.antler brooch- crafty folk– 15.00

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  1. karlene

    It certainly looks professional!!! You will learn fast and inspire us all with your knowledge. I LOVE the cuff!!!

  2. Holly

    Looks good! Photoshop is really fun, eh? I really like Illustrator, too. You have a bit more creative control and it’s great with fonts. I am loving the deer stuff! It gives me hope that someday…if I can convince my husband…we won’t have a REAL deer on the wall, but a nice vinyl deer instead Ü

  3. blue moss

    looks so good….i like the deer stuff and the photoshop…maybe you can teach me 🙂

  4. Heidi Jo

    I’m so jealous- I wish I had Photoshop!! … and that deer necklace. : )

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