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  1. skB

    Okay. I know that you will make it look great. But if I tried it, it would look like a bad bugs bunny hanging on my wall.


  2. Holly

    Hi there! It’s your Oklahoma fan again Ü

    I just wanted to thank you very much for all of your help with my hutch!! I ended up painting it rolling hills green (bright bright bright! But awesome color), and I painted the very back (behind the glass) gray. It is so fun and I really appreciated your post with instructions, I used the wax you recommended and it gave it a very nice finishing touch! I have one final question for you, do you know where I could find some diamond knobs like the ones you put on your gray hutch? I have looked for knobs on Anthro and other places but anything that is flowery makes the hutch look like it’s meant for my daughter’s room 😉

    Do you sell knobs?

    Thanks again and congrats on your recent sighting in a international magazine!

  3. knackstudio

    First of all, for my dear little sis …… you made me laugh out loud with that comment!! I love ya 🙂

    Second, for miss holly ……your piece sounds amazing! I would love to see pics when it is done!

    I get those knobs from a trade source, but would be happy to sell you some:) Let me know how many you need and I’ll see how many I have.

    Thanks also for the sweet comment about the magazine:)

  4. Holly

    You are awesome! I have 5 knobs needed. I really like your stop-sign shaped white ones too, but I don’t know if they are the same color as the diamond ones. I thought it would either be cool to do three diamond ones for the bottom three cupboards and two stop-sign shaped ones for the top doors, or all of them diamond shaped. What do you think? Are the two styles similar?

  5. knackstudio


    The styles of the knobs are similar … they are both made from bone, so the cream is the same on both because they are made out of the same thing. They are hand made, and made from a natural source, so they have varying degrees of difference, but not to where you couldn’t put them together. I think it could be cool to mix them!

    The only other thing is that with the stop sign shaped ones they have a black stripe all the way around the side so it’s like three layers bone, horn, and then bone …..that make sense? I think I have plenty of both, but let me check to be sure, and I’ll check on the price as well:) Feel free to email me….barb@knackstudios.com

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