tour de g’ville

I want to introduce you all to my crib this week…….Greenville, SC…. I’m going to be shooting pictures of some of my favorite places and things around g’ville and give you a little taste of what it is like to live in this great city…….starting today….

I hope you all fall in love………

Until tomorrow…..xo

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  1. Pattie

    These are some great photos!! Most of my family from my mothers side lives in SC 🙂

  2. Patchwork Harmony

    looks nice so far! 🙂
    I like the look of the bike in the last pic! x

  3. our little love nest

    You are being so tempting with those pictures. Dreaming of living in the city I love today.xo
    (hope your Easter weekend was lovely)

  4. [J]

    Thank you for featuring my necklace as one of your “loving” things!!

  5. Carolina Eclectic

    Sounds great! I need a little vacation:)

  6. heather carr

    I can’t wait to see more. My hubby and I will probably stay in our hometown a couple of more years, then we’re going to scope out some different cool places to live; we might have to add greenville to our list.

  7. f2images

    Looks like a great place to vaca!!

  8. pink olive

    b, you are making me want to ditch nyc for g! meanwhile, i’m loving that last picture of a shop with the bicycle. what kind of shop is that? love…

  9. knack

    Yay! I’m so glad you all are loving my little g’ville!! I hope you can all come for a visit soon!

    {J}….you are so welcome my friend! xo

  10. katycavell

    i love this idea! and i love greenville!!

    i’ve been so busy in the past few weeks with my new job but i still want to come by and see your shop!

    hope all is well.

  11. ami @ elizabeth anne designs

    that’s my old hood! have a drink at tassey’s (which i refuse to call city tavern) and some garlic knots at barley’s for me. ooh, and wings from wild wings!

  12. knack

    oooh amy…I LOVE barley’s…so I will most certainl do so!!

    katy…all is well…thanks so much! I hope to see you soon! xo

  13. A "cheery" disposition

    That is the bike I have been looking for in the last picture! O, I wish I had one just like that.

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