too good……

…….while looking through boho magazine last night {which is fantastic by the way!}…..I came across these awesome plates by christopher jagmin. I have been trying to figure out how to print on found plates for some time now…… but while I have been doing that…… lots and lots of people have already beat me to it! oh well……..I love these so much I had to proclaim it…………

….and then while perusing around I found these…..and they couldn’t be any better……I mean, bold graphic numbers……the way they are off centered……..they’re talkin’ to me sisters!

are they talkin’ to you? hope today is a great day for all of you…….. xo

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  1. Pretty Neat Designs

    Love the number plates! Would make a cool dinner party set.

  2. vintage simple

    love the ones with the numbers.

  3. blue moss

    of course i love all of these!!

  4. Rachel

    i'm with you on the numbered plates. and the punker silhouette on the doily frilly china is AWESOME! 🙂 what fun finds!

  5. littlepippsygypsy

    Oooo…I love this post!! I have been wanting to learn how to do that too, ever since I first caught a glimpse of Nina's work. There are so many gorgeous perspectives on printing on dishes. I love the "yeah" ones. Pure retro goodness! xoxo

  6. Prairie Girl Studio

    yup … those numbered plates are talkin to me, too …
    too cool ~

  7. marshmallowfever

    Love them all but especially the numbers. I too have been been wanting to learn how to do it! 🙂 And boho is great too- bought it the winter issue and then sort of forgot about it. Will have to pick up the current one!

  8. *plum*tree*studio*

    oh i loooove the number plates!!

  9. Waxy

    I like the Yeah plates – the number ones are fantastic too!

  10. Hello Lindello

    yes! yes! yes! love these. How fun to have on a wall.

  11. forrestina vintage and plates? on the wall, please.

  12. pink olive

    YES!! these are so bold and FUN!!

  13. SimplyGrove

    How fun to display these all over one wall!!! Love them!!

  14. Karen Brown

    These reminded me of a bit of some plates I saw the other day that were drawn on with a ceramic pen. I love the idea of having the kiddos draw over an old found plate instead of the plain white ones. Or maybe some paper cloud type line drawing flowers on a plate…so sweet!

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