to say it isn’t so……

….and hardly more than ever……. are just a couple of the series names for chicago based artist Laura Letinsky’s photography…. which is on display now in the James Hyman gallery

I’m totally intrigued……love the composition and the colors and the stillness of each photo.

Happy weekend friends! xoxo

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  1. Joyce

    WOW- thanks for sharing! Beautiful…

    Have a golden weekend! xoox

  2. Munted kowhai

    i have seen her work before. the stillness after a gathering. they are gorgeous.

  3. Amanda Nicole

    I love what these sparse images suggest, saying what's not being said. Lovely.

  4. Hello Lindello

    agreed! these are wonderful. I love the fruit

  5. Rachel

    oooo i love the 2 with the reflections. so subtle, yet add so much interest!

  6. Rebecca

    yes, the colors really pop against all that white. love 'em!

  7. Rebecca

    so fantastic…so many stories start to swirl!

  8. pink olive

    wow.. her photos just wisks you away. thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

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