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IMG_1777 IMG_1776 IMG_1775 IMG_1773 IMG_1774It is hard to think that another week has flown by yet again. So often I am reminded of how fleeting life is and how quickly it moves.

This week was full of challenges and blessings, which is what all good weeks should be full of….right?

There was coffee with dear friends….twice….at Methodical coffee and The Village Grind.

There was the Makers Summit, which filled me to the brim with happiness for the creative community that I am so blessed to be a part of.

There was brunch with a new friend (pictured above, Rachel Faucett) and then an after hours visit to my shop with that same friend where we talked more about how much we love our kids than what was in my shop….and that is a treasure for sure. Most people think I want to talk about the shop most of the time….but even though I am proud of that and love it…. I really want you to know me for who I am outside the shop.

There were moments of greatness at the shop where I sent in proposals for new opportunities, met with artists about collaborations, ordered new product, and sent off all of the content for the new Knack website! (yippee!)

Now it is late Friday afternoon….I am home…..and there is a pork tenderloin in the oven for dinner tonight which I will make bread, salad and roasted asparagus to go with. I will sit around the dinner table and catch up with my sweet family as we have all had a busy, and full week. Then it will be pajama time…..and maybe a movie…..or two…or maybe some reading….

Happy weekending…and much love to you all!

( UPDATE: if you would like to buy a t shirt like the one I am wearing, here is the link: )




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  1. Anna

    So much love and peace permeate your posts. You’re an amazing lady. Can’t wait to connect in person someday!

    • Barb Blair

      anna, you are so, so kind to say that. thank you. it would be amazing to meet in person one day. xo

  2. Angela

    Love your shirt (and your blog and style). Do you mind sharing the resource?

    • Barb Blair

      Hey Angela! Thanks so much! I’m so glad you like it here in my little space! I am so sorry that I did not put the t shirt resource out there to begin with! The website is
      These guys are really new, so if you have any problems ordering let me know…and just for reference…. the t shirt that I am wearing is a men’s medium. My curves were too much for the women’s fitted styles! :} Hah! xo

      • Angela

        Ha! Thanks for the heads up on sizing. I would say that’s the size I’ll need as well. Can’t wait to check them out. All the best, Angela

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