this week :: beauty

blog4 blog3 blog2 blog1This week flew by in the blurriest of blurs.

My thoughts went all over the place.

Projects were accomplished and checked off.

The weather was warm and signs of Spring are everywhere.

Fake tattoos made my day, and put an extra zip in my step.

A sweet text from my daughter to her daddy and I literally made my life.

Thankful for this week and all that it held for me.




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  1. Hello! Is it possible for me to get a chimp-in-rollers fake tattoo too? I love it! Love your work and blog more though!

    • Barb Blair

      Hey Karen!
      Hahahaha! I got the chimp tattoo in a gift bag at a conference I attended recently! I think they might have them at Tattly though! {} Isn’t it a hoot!?

      Thank you for your sweet words about my work and blog….they encouraged me today! xo

  2. Sweet pictures….
    Aw about the text. Did you take a screen shot to save forever?! Love it 🙂

    • Barb Blair

      Hey Sara! :} I do have a screen shot of the text…..I do want to save it forever…and maybe even use it on days where B is not feeling so loving towards the rents! Hah! xo Miss ya!

  3. Sara

    Barb, I love your work! In fact, I just sat down to read your Furniture Makeovers book for the bazillionth time. And as I was reading the entire book, from front to back I couldn’t help but ask 2 questions. On pieces like armoires, cabinets, etc, do you paint over the hinges with the color you’re painting? Like a light brush stroke so it doesn’t get clumpy? And second, what do you do with all of the original hinges from pieces?
    Sorry if I am asking too much! I just couldn’t help but wonder! I look forward to your second book and your many more beautiful pieces of work to come!

    • Sara

      Original drawer pulls and knobs* is what ai meant. Not original hinges. My bad, my bad!

      • Barb Blair

        Hey Sara,
        Thank you so very much! I am thrilled that you are enjoying Furniture Makeovers! Most of the time I change out all of the old hardware for new hardware. I rarely keep the original hardware….but there are a few cases where I feel like the old hardware is really cool {mostly on a mid century piece} and I will use it either on the piece that it came on or save it for another piece later on down the road. There are times too, where I will paint over existing hardware as well. Again, this is rare as I really like to change out all of the hardware to make things fresh and new. When I do paint over the existing hardware, I do very light coats of paint in order to keep things from getting clumpy and messy. Also, I always take the hardware off to paint it because I feel you get a better finish that way. I always paint the hinges of a piece with whatever color I am painting because I like for everything to blend and again you have to use really light coats of paint to keep the hinges from getting all clogged up. As far as what I do with all of the old hardware that I don’t use, it either gets thrown away or given to a friend of mine who uses the old hardware in his furniture work. I know ……throwing anything away is bad…but it just sits around since I never use it….so I would rather get rid of it or give it to those who will use it!

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