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When you look at a Knack furniture piece, it’s important to look closely.  Take a step back, take in the whole piece.  Take a step in, take in the sweet details.  Great care is taken in our design process to enhance the beauty of the furniture’s form and to tell a complete story, from top to bottom.  Hardware, color, finish, drawers, fabric – there’s beauty in every inch.

wall art :: geometrics

FrogTape5 FrogTape2 FrogTape1Well folks….Angie and I have decided that painting and creating wall art panels is a lot of fun! I saved these two square panels from a previous shelf project a couple of years ago. I knew that I wanted to use them as panels for wall art…but the idea for what I wanted to put on them did not come to fruition until a couple of weeks ago when discussing our monthly FrogTape® project! Angie and I looked over several inspiration pictures and decided on our own design. We had so much fun creating these that we decided to do more in the very near future!

We chose a geometric design for this first installation but as you well know…the possibilities are endless as far as what designs you can create. These panels are simple squares cut from a 4×8 pine sheet of plywood, and we used paints and stains that we had around the studio….so the cost was very minimal. The full tutorial will be up on the FrogTape® blog later on today so if you would like to see the full process check it out!

These beauties are available for sale, so if you fancy them let us know!

Found goodness- dip dyed wooden ladders

I am so excited about these ladders! These gorgeous dip dyed beauties are just the beginning of what is to come in the new Knack showroom! I think these are a perfect accessory……and play nicely with the white walls and Knack furniture. {wink!}

These ladders not only look, feel, and smell amazing…..but they are perfectly crafted and handmade in the USA! {325.00 ea.}

I could not love these any more than I already do….




Meet “Cleridae”. Her name comes from a species name of the chequered beetle family and goes right along with the amazing wood and brass beetle knobs that complete her design plan. I have been waiting for the perfect piece to put these amazing knobs on, and this navy desk won! Woo Hoo!
 I am loving the color navy lately, and this is the first of many pieces in this beautiful color.  I love, love, love this piece….it is rich, classy and timeless…..seriously, I will have a hard time letting go of her.
“Cleridae” is in the etsy shop, and available for purchase! I don’t think she will be around long, {I may decide to keep her!} so if you want her….get her!

Found goodness

Remember this post about my vintage wooden screw drivers that were under the tree for Christmas? Well, a couple weeks ago my dad came down to the studio to work on a piece of furniture for me, and he brought me some from his personal collection. I think they are so beautiful and love my new collection. I keep them all on display, and in this pretty white vessel…..because that’s how we do it around here!


You all know that I love paint, and color, and wood, and wooden sticks….and the such. So, when I saw this super simple, yet super fantastic display of color and awesomeness I had to share.
Check it.