Found Goodness- umbrella bones

I was arriving home from the studio on Monday evening, and as I pulled in the driveway I saw that my neighbors across the street were putting their trash on the curb for the Tuesday morning trash pick up. My eye was immediately drawn to this pile of wooden “bones” that I knew was the structure of an old pool/patio umbrella.

I hopped out of the truck, threw it in the back and was literally giddy as I skipped up my driveway. You see, this is just the type of thing I am looking for to use as a display in the showroom! I am planning on having a good assortment of ornaments this year for Christmas…..and this might just be the ticket for all of that goodness!

Oh, and my neighbor peeked her head over the fence to laugh at me {we take each others “trash” all the time!} and ask what I was going to do with such a thing…..and when I told her I have to say…..I think know I blew her mind!

All in a days work my friends. Stay thirsty.




Found Goodness

 This week, while cleaning out a piece and prepping it for transformation…..I found this sweet little key. I literally paused, and said {out loud} “Awww, so cute”. I then proceeded to have a photoshoot complete with flower shaped pine cones.
I know, I have a problem.
What. have. ya.
Here’s to finding good things that make you say “aww”.

Found Goodness

Love this sign that I scored for 2.00. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to get a sharpie and instead of writing times….I wanted to write “all day, baby”….because we need to “enjoy it…..all day”!
The front side of my fantastic sign….and it will be hanging in the studio  from now on.
Vintage Pyrex Beakers. I have been “eyeing” these for a while, and I probably paid too much….but I really loved the simple dot, and the graphics….it was worth the wait.
These paintings caught my eye as soon as I saw them in the booth, and I loved them…but walked on by. In the end, they had me at hello…and my shelves at home are ever so glad to have some new artwork to add to the mix.
…here is a close up of the beautiful color, and if you would like to get some for yourself head on over to Bridgets Facebook page: Bridgetblocks
I also found the prettiest stack of plates. Two blue, and two pink which I promptly made cake stands out of….and wouldn’t you know I had customers stopping by the studio this week wanting cake plates! Perfect timing!

I also found the perfect treat for the hubs…
..a street sign bearing his name…I totally flipped over this one.
Last….sadly, there was one…..that got away
I heart this “open” sign so much….but for 50 bucks….. I told myself it was too much….. only to frantically go back a bit later to purchase it! Unfortunately for me it had already been claimed. Boo Hoo!
All in all….Lucketts was a fantastic time….and even though I bought more for myself than for Knack ….it was fun to buy things for my own home…..for once!