Cream and Navy Stripes + Brass bunny = “Franchon”

franchon1 franchon2 franchon3 franchon4

When one of my pickers brought this little piece to the shop to see if I was interested in purchasing her, I instantly fell in love with her size, shape and detail.

The character of Franchon is just so sweet and perfect. The round and soft curves, the little stacked feet, the drawer, the shelves, the side slots. Franchon packs quite a bit of storage and design in her small frame…..and I decided to celebrate that with four inch cream and navy stripes.

The brass bunny head knob has been calling my name for months now, and I knew that it would be the final detail needed to complete this design. Of course, the gorgeous flowers created by Julie Dodds of Willow Florals make this situation fresh and beautiful. When Julie walked in the door with this arangement, my stomach literally flip flopped…..and my soul groaned….literally…I am not just saying that. Fresh flowers….especially ones as diverse and colorful as this…..really make me joyful. You will be seeing lots more of Julie’s work, as she is the floral stylist for Knack book number two! Yay!

I hope all of you are well……and enjoying Spring break, or whatever it is that this week holds for you!

{p.s. Franchon is available for sale at the shop…..but if she doesn’t get snatched up this week….she will find a home with me. This one is tugging at my heart}




There are projects that come along, and even though I have purchased them because I love something about them….. I get stuck trying to decide how exactly I want to take them to the level of frabjous. I started painting this little armoire with one plan in mind…I was going to paint the entire thing with milk paint and leave it pretty plain….but for some reason I felt like I was just rushing to try to get the piece done and check it off my list. I want to fight against that mentality…so I literally put one coat of milk paint on the entire thing, rinsed out my brushes, and went back to the drawing board and spent a day drawing and planning out my design.

I looked through magazines, fabric and wallpaper combinations, and stared out my front window mulling over colors and patterns….but the thing that finally got me going in the right direction was a beautiful mexican blanket that I  borrowed from a friend to use in a photo shoot. It was lying there just staring at me and the many different colors and different sized stripes totally caught my eye. Immediately the light bulb came on in my head. I knew the stripes would be hard, and a bit tedious but I had plenty of Frog Tape on hand and I crave a good tough furniture challenge. I knew if all went well, the pain would be so worth it! I went back to the studio the very next day, executed “my plan”, and this is what came out! Meet Tallulah! I am telling you…. with the turquoise, purple, yellow, cream, red, pink, orange, blue and green stripes…..the turquoise insides, and the pistachio green knobs….. Tallulah is a party waiting to happen!

I’m here to tell you it was indeed worth it to stand back and enjoy this little beauty!




I never cease to be inspired and amazed by the colors of nature. This year my peony bush yielded 5 blooms! I could not believe my eyes when it popped up and I saw those gorgeous round petals about ready to pop….I’m a lucky girl. I literally bury my nose in them every morning , and the aromatherapy is just amazing….
 …and here is a sneakity peakity of my new piece….nature inspired this color combo for sure….and I’ll show you the rest on Monday….I’m so stoked about the stripes…
…love the bright fuschia in these flowers as well, although I don’t know about a bright hot pink piece of furniture for me personally….{I tend to lean more towards the greens and lighter pinks}…but you never know!
Look around today….you are surrounded by color and beauty….don’t let it go unnoticed.