I’m the Stacey behind Stacey Winters Photography. Along with photography I enjoy creating handmade items and am a huge fan of Barb…in every single way! As a guest blogger over here at Knack I’m going to share some photography tips that I have gathered along the way.

Usually the first question I get is what camera are you using and what lens do you go to most often so we’ll start there. I work with a Canon 5D and am in love with my 100mm macro lens. I use it for most everything aside from people portraits. For portrait sessions I bring my 35mm, 24-105mm and 200mm. 

an iPhone photo, boca sparkles added in picture show then filtered in instagram and printed on 5×5 metallic paper

For my everyday carry along the iPhone is quickly becoming an addiction especially when mixed with instagram or picture show. I’ve recently started printing them and plan to add them to the shop soon.
Capturing an image in natural light is essential for me. The early morning sunlight is quite beautiful. I work in a room with a large window that gathers the light and pours it in for inside objects. Just by stepping out my front door I see nature up close and am awed by the tiny details. Experiment by moving around the subject rather than moving the subject to see how the light is enhancing the item.

A few more things I do and use:

  • It’s always good to frame your shot and then take one step closer.
  • When shooting a product you can make it personal by just holding it in your hand and having a little bit of yourself in the frame. 
  • Printing for me ranges from home printer (an Epson Stylus Photo printer) to Costco to WHCC. If the colors on your computer are not matching your prints you’ll want to calibrate your monitor.  
  • Working in Photoshop or beginning in Photoshop Elements is a fun way to play in the “digital darkroom.”
  • Once you feel comfortable in Photoshop applying actions to your images can enhance your already beautiful images.
  • Don’t delete anything in the camera until you’ve gotten home and taken a look at all the images, sometimes a little gem is in there when you see it on the big screen.


Oh Goodie…A Giveaway!
In celebration of Knack’s love of photography and creative ventures I’m offering the 5×5 heart balloon print in a giveaway. Leave a comment here along with your contact info by 11.9.11 and a winner will be drawn. 
Thank you so much Barb! It was a treat to be your guest today!!