Today’s little number is a girl I call “Rosie”. My mind has been set on doing a red and white striped piece for a few months now, and it finally came out of my mind and into reality. There is a very specific reason I wanted to do a red and white stripe, based on a book cover/movie…..and the first one to guess and figure out the name will get a treat in the mail. Just for funsies……and to see if you all can figure out how my mind works! This one may be pretty easy….but I’m going easy on you since it is your first time and all! {Wink!} I left the original hardware on this piece as well…..which is rare for me, but it fit into my vision perfectly. 
Work it out peeps…….and let’s see what you can come up with!
Rosie is available for purchase, and can be shipped nationwide, right to your doorstep……and my boys will even do it with a smile!
Hope you all had an awesome weekend!
height 29 inches
w 38 inches
depth 19 inches