Some of you might remember that I had to say goodbye to my furry pal “lizzie”  in September. I miss her, and I miss having a dog in the house. 
My 13 year old daughter “B” is a huge animal lover, and she has just applied to volunteer at our local humane society. It is a beautiful, no kill shelter that we are really proud of. 
So……. we have found ourselves “needing” to pop by there more often these days…..and whenever we are  there, I always stop in to see all the babies……and this one almost came home with me…..but I am not sure I am ready yet.
…..i may go back and get her …..jury is still out…..
… husband says that the humane society is the most dangerous place for my daughter “B” and I to be….and he is totally right….we may end up bringing them all home 🙂