living with :: Coralia


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There is no one like Coralia.  Her classic, straight-forward form lends itself well to fiercely fresh modern colors and styling.  This armoire is all at once fanciful and refined. Since she is such a singular stunner, we knew we had to pair her with pieces that walk that same line of time-honored and brand-new.

Enter this dress, with smart tailoring but a sassy color.  And the bag – a tapestry tote with leather details, but in colors and shapes that wow.  Hang a portrait with a sense of humor nearby and stow a blanket with heaps of class and personality.  Coralia will feel right at home.


This beautiful piece of pinkness has been hiding out in my garage for a couple of years….yes, I said years…..and no,  I do not know what I was thinking! The important thing is, that now this beautiful mantle has found her rightful place in the studio and will be a permanent fixture……. that you will be seeing a lot of.
Ahhh, all is well in Knack world…