knack book two :: teaser

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For this book there is a lot of location shooting in homes, so there is plenty of logistical planning that has to be done as well as a huge props list to make sure we have everything that we need on hand for styling each and every shoot. I am so thankful for the team that I have working with me on this book…..Jessica, Julie, Paige and Angie are amazing and everyone works so hard every single shoot . It is fantastic to be working with such a creative and passionate team, and the pictures that are being captured for this project are truly special. I am very, very excited about the look and feel of this book and the story of home that it will tell. I cannot wait to be able to share it ALL!

So, even though I wish I could show more furniture during this time, I am excited {and I hope you are as well!} about the work being done. Creating a book always challenges me to push myself physically and creatively…and I love being in that place.

As you read this, a photo shoot is already underway and will go on for most of the day….. until we start to lose light!

Enjoy this sneak peek!


I wanted to share just a few photographs from our lake vacation this past week. It was four days of complete relaxation {minus my phone being gobbled up by the lake…but once I buried my head in my husbands chest, cried about the stupidity of it all, and got mad at myself for being careless, I was over it} and we had the most fun we have had in a while. The weather was so beautiful….. it was mid 60’s to low 80’s the entire time and very low humidity, which is a dream for this time of year here in the south!

You know how you have those awesome trips where everyone gets along great, weather is perfect, the food is delicious, and the friendships and memories just nurture your soul? Well, that was this trip. We jet skied, went for many boat rides, tubed, wake boarded, kayaked, and water skied. You name it, we did it….and we did it until the last bit of sunshine peeked below the horizon.

I tried something new on this trip! I was challenged by my friend “J” to try wake boarding and I literally had butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it! Every muscle in my body hurt from my very first wake boarding experience…but it was so worth every muscle pain. I was so afraid to try, and almost defeated myself before ever trying because I knew it was going to be tough. I have never snow boarded before because I don’t like the thought of both feet being strapped down, so the thought of not only having both feet strapped to a board but then also being yanked up by a boat just had me questioning my sanity. I lived to tell about it, and I got up not once, not twice, but THREE times! It was so great to conquer that little nagging ” you can’t do this” voice in my head…..and to hear my friends and family cheering me on from the boat ahead. My husband and my son also got up on the wake board for their first time as well! Woot!

One of my favorite things has to be the tubing though……that moment of sheer panic when you hit the “vortex wave of death” {created by crazy boat driving friend!} and go airborne…..yeah, it’s pretty dang amazing! It was such good times. I am so thankful for the beauty of these memories that were just written across my heart forever.

Have a great weekend you guys!




{above images are paint by number paintings that I purchased recently}

My amazing and talented sister introduced me to the app called Diptic….. you can do so many different things with this fantastic app…..but my favorite is the circle images……and miss cranny has put together a tutorial on her blog  about how to create these circle images with your photographs! Super, super fun……




Did you all know, that you can turn your Instagram photos into magnets? Woot! I take photos with Instagram almost every day, and I swear this is the best news since……um….?….
Anyway, there is this awesome site called StickyGram that has “got it going on“! In only a few short minutes you can arrange a collection of photos, load them up in your cart, and just like that, your photos are on their way! Costs are very reasonable at 14.99 for a set of 9, shipping is free anywhere in the world, and the site is super user friendly. 
These little photo magnet collections would make awesome Christmas gifts! I just ordered my first set to see what I think…..and am totally stoked! Can’t wait to get them!
Just thought I would pass this along!


I’m the Stacey behind Stacey Winters Photography. Along with photography I enjoy creating handmade items and am a huge fan of Barb…in every single way! As a guest blogger over here at Knack I’m going to share some photography tips that I have gathered along the way.

Usually the first question I get is what camera are you using and what lens do you go to most often so we’ll start there. I work with a Canon 5D and am in love with my 100mm macro lens. I use it for most everything aside from people portraits. For portrait sessions I bring my 35mm, 24-105mm and 200mm. 

an iPhone photo, boca sparkles added in picture show then filtered in instagram and printed on 5×5 metallic paper

For my everyday carry along the iPhone is quickly becoming an addiction especially when mixed with instagram or picture show. I’ve recently started printing them and plan to add them to the shop soon.
Capturing an image in natural light is essential for me. The early morning sunlight is quite beautiful. I work in a room with a large window that gathers the light and pours it in for inside objects. Just by stepping out my front door I see nature up close and am awed by the tiny details. Experiment by moving around the subject rather than moving the subject to see how the light is enhancing the item.

A few more things I do and use:

  • It’s always good to frame your shot and then take one step closer.
  • When shooting a product you can make it personal by just holding it in your hand and having a little bit of yourself in the frame. 
  • Printing for me ranges from home printer (an Epson Stylus Photo printer) to Costco to WHCC. If the colors on your computer are not matching your prints you’ll want to calibrate your monitor.  
  • Working in Photoshop or beginning in Photoshop Elements is a fun way to play in the “digital darkroom.”
  • Once you feel comfortable in Photoshop applying actions to your images can enhance your already beautiful images.
  • Don’t delete anything in the camera until you’ve gotten home and taken a look at all the images, sometimes a little gem is in there when you see it on the big screen.


Oh Goodie…A Giveaway!
In celebration of Knack’s love of photography and creative ventures I’m offering the 5×5 heart balloon print in a giveaway. Leave a comment here along with your contact info by 11.9.11 and a winner will be drawn. 
Thank you so much Barb! It was a treat to be your guest today!!


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I am so excited for my friend Celine from Pure Green! Celine and her crew have taken Pure Green magazine from online to …..PRINT! I know this has been a humongo bonkers undertaking….with countless hours, trials, and a very big leap of faith. 
This is the perfect example of climbing out on that limb and grabbing the fruit. I am so proud, and I wanted you all to know. Please check it out if you haven’t already….and if you feel so inclined, subscribe!
Hope you all had a decent week, and get to chill out this weekend!
Peace out!


I shot all of these photos yesterday after dinner..I have missed my daily photo journaling…, I took a walk around the yard and just enjoyed all of the fresh green, and beautiful blooms….among the blooms was our adopted kitty….she is such a sass pot… look at the wind whipping through her hair… it!
I hope you guys have had a great week and that you have much to look forward to….