Well my friends….these past few weeks in the studio have been just plain nutty, in a good way, but nutty nonetheless! Hattie and I have been working, working away on many custom projects… trying to cut down on the waiting list. We have not had a lot of time to work on pieces for the Knack inventory, but we did make some headway on a set of six different mirrors that incorporate a few shades of blue and different papers. Hope to have them finished up this week and in the Etsy shop.
  Today however, I would like to introduce you to Erma! This is piece number three for my client Jori and this little lovely will live in the master bedroom. Erma was a mess, and needed the most repairs out of all of the pieces, so it is extra joyful for me to see this shining little beauty with a whole new lease on life. I glued, clamped, sanded, nailed and glued some more until I felt like this old girl was in the best shape possible, and then I went to town on her finish. I picked up these gorgeous glass knobs on sale at Anthropologie, and they were absolutely without a doubt intended for this piece! Love it!
Have a great Monday!