I was catching up on some blog reading last week and I came across this project idea through Lindsey’s blog which then led me to the original post on a beautiful mess blog. I thought it was the coolest idea! I love paint by number paintings, I love paint, and I love letters and typography so this was a win win in my book of ideas!

I pinned the project on Pinterest so that I could remember it, and also remember where I saw it…..and I thought “I’ll do that some day soon “. I had two paint by number prints in the studio that I bought a few months back and I have been waiting to frame them. I thought about using them for this project…..but then an idea hit me one night as I was drifting off to sleep. I had a picture that was given to me and it came out of  my husband’s granny’s house. It would totally work! It was not a paint by number…but it had the look of a paint by number. It was your typical mountain, stream, and tree print with lots of blues and greens.

I already had completed my Father’s day gift buying but I was so excited about making this gift for my husband! I could hardly wait to get to the studio the next day and create it. When I took the picture out of the frame, I found that it was a thin sheet of paper so I wanted to make it a bit more sturdy. I used Mod Podge to attach the print to the piece of thick poster board that had been behind it, and once that was dry I started figuring out the placement of my stickers. Once the stickers were applied {it is harder than you think!} I applied two coats of white paint, and BOOM dynamite!

I know some of you are wondering what in the world “I Suwannee” means?! I chose to use this old southern slang phrase which means “I Swear” because it is a phrase that my husband’s Granny is well known for. I remember the first time I heard her say it……I could hardly keep from laughing. I did not grow up in the south so I was not accustomed to such “verbage”…but I thought it was a hoot! I would try to think of funny things to say just to get her to say it over and over. My husband could always get her to say it……and then I think she caught on to my giggles and would just say it for my pure enjoyment. Granny is so sweet, and this was my way of keeping a piece of her with us at all times.

My husband loves it….and thought it was the coolest gift…..and I have to say that I only pretend I made it for him….it is really for me! Hah!