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Zephy is a desk with punchy style.

Bedecked in mint green, his quirky-cool sensibilities shine through in details like a single gold-dipped leg and a sunburst pattern on top.  We think he shines even brighter adorned with a bright background for a laptop and a leather pouch to store it, an unexpected lamp, and a classic fiberglass shell chair.


 Today I would like to introduce you to my latest! This piece is a really cool little sewing cabinet. So cool, that I used it in not one… but two photo shoots in its “un-painted” state! I have to admit I was a teensy bit nervous about this transformation, and I really wanted to nail it….get it right….hit a home run….you get the picture. You may wonder why this piece is different since I should feel that same pressure with my own pieces…. and I do….but they don’t have the sentiment involved.
 You see, my client brought this to me from Charlotte, and it is a piece that belonged to her grandmother …so it is extra special. Miss A loves the piece for its sentimental value, but it did not fit her aesthetic or the memory of her grandmother’s spunky personality! Miss A knew exactly what she wanted, and upon perusing my paint samples and details….picked out her color and the paper for the drawer fronts easy peasy. The knobs were a little bit trickier, but she found these at Anthropologie and then shipped them to me. They are perfection, and really finish the piece off nicely. 
I am super excited about how this little one turned out, and can’t wait to present it to Miss A on Friday!
Good times!….and speaking of good times….I am working on a super fun piece that will hopefully be in the etsy shop by the end of the week…..woot!
Enjoy the day today!