Where do I even start with how beautiful last night was? We had a wonderful turnout, with a packed studio for most of the night….super delicious food made by my dear friend Renee, music, and beautiful, colorful artwork everywhere! However, I think the best part of the night for me was this:
…After everyone had gone and we were all about to say our goodbyes…{which was took forever because we didn’t want to let each other go!}…Elizabeth Foster wanted to sit down and sing with my daughter Brynn. We have Elizabeth’s cd, and Brynn knows almost every word of every song. So the two of them picked a song, Elizabeth got out her guitar, and away they went. By the end of the song everyone was in tears….it was the most beautiful thing to hear two voices…one of them my flesh and blood….singing a gorgeous melody. My little B has not stopped smiling.  It. was. amazing.
Thank you  Elizabeth, Sarah, and Julie Lee for your music, your faith, and what you have invested in all of us who were lucky enough to spend an evening with you.
Have a wonderful weekend, my crazy friends!