NYC is calling me…..

…..and I am on my way! I’m headed up to the city with JB for a little U.S. Open Tennis! We try to go this time every year, and my cutie husband is like a kid in a candy shop the entire time….giddy, excited, crazier than normal, tennis lovin’ fool that he is! 
 I hope my boy Nadal pulls it out this year. I love watching him play, he is my favorite hands down… his great sportsmanship……{and his arms and abs aren’t bad either!} I digress…..but seriously, I love this event and will be spending one full day and two nights at Flushing Meadows. Night tennis with the rowdy NY crowd anyone?….you just can’t beat it.
The thing that is doubly cool this year is…. it just so happens, that Holly Becker is in the city tonight doing her book signing, and I will be there! I can’t wait to meet her along with Anna from Door Sixteen, Melissa De La Fuente from Melissa Loves, and I have heard rumors about some others that will be there….good times. There is a small after party later in the evening for all of us to get to chat more, and I will be hitting that up with my buddy Grace Kang who owns Pink Olive. Grace has been such a source of encouragement and inspiration to me….I can’t wait to spend some QT face time with her! See you soon Pals!
I hope to check in here with some photos…..but it may be hit or miss until I get back Monday night. I hope you all have a great rest of the week, and a wonderful, super duper, long weekend!