behind the scenes :: preparations and visitors

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1// working on our display for Indie Craft Parade this year (don’t forget — Sept. 12-14 in Greenville, SC!)

2// paint and frog tape make our job FUN

3// glass and candle cubes brightening up our shop

4// Man pillow (or Abe as we call him) making our bed “Viviette” look super sexy

5// curb appeal

6// longtime blog follower Paula and her family popped into the shop this week… all the way from London! It was such a treat.









 I have gotten some sweet notes over the past week from friends that I have yet to meet in person…but who I sure hope to meet one day so that I can hug their necks and thank them for being so awesome….
I just wanted all to know that your notes and love are pinned on the walls and bulletin boards of the studio so that I can read them and be reminded of great friends on a daily basis…
……this is what makes the studio truly colorful and beautiful to me.
{P.S. I had to include the last photo for my Gigi. It is my brand new Knack apron that she surprised me with at lunch a couple of weeks ago! Isn’t it awesome?! The tag inside says “sewn with love” and then her name….. it is so special!}

Found Goodness

I scored some fantastic pieces at an estate sale this past weekend, and as I started working on one of the little nightstands……out fell all of these perfectly folded papers that were yellowed and browned to perfection. As I looked closer, i discovered that they were poems and verses written in the prettiest handwriting.
I had been struggling with inspiration this week as I contemplated the design plan for my new pieces….{it’s been rainy here for days}…..but, all it took was these sweet words from the estate of a 104 year old lady about Autumn, smiles, and faith to get things movin’ and groovin’.
….and guess what will line the drawer of this sweet piece? 
Yep, you know it!…..and you can read the “smiles” poem any time you please when you open the drawer. I am almost done with this transformation, and will introduce her to you on Monday!