Found Goodness

 Hattie and I have been working on a set of 6 found mirrors for like two weeks…each one of them different and unique…and we just about finished them up yesterday! All of these mirrors are ones that I found or removed off dressers that I purchased, and I have just been waiting for the chance to do them all at one time and hang them as an installation. 
Well, that time has come, and I think I will dream about these mirrors tonight as it feels like FOREVAH since we started on them! I changed the design plan a couple of times, and painted over one of them that just looked totally “wrong” in the first color of choice. {whoopsie!} I got back on track though, and threw in a little bit of this and that until I was happy with the conglomeration, and I am super excited about hanging them and photographing them all together! The plan is to get them all styled and photographed tomorrow so that I can show them to you next week! Yipee!
{Oh, and P.S. Today is my BIRTHDAY! Woot Woot!! , and I plan to soak it all up and enjoy this day to the fullest….cupcakes and all! Party, Party!}


Hello, hello my friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July and got to partake in all of the goodness that comes with such a holiday! We snuck away for a few days and spent time with the hubs side of the family….oh my, what a hoot! It is amazing that we still have all of our limbs and eyeballs!
I have had a couple of really, really busy weeks in the studio and it was great to just unplug and unwind for a few days. I am back at it again today though, and ready to tackle all of the new projects waiting for me in the studio! I only have miss Hattie for a few more weeks so I have to get it while the gettin’ is good!
We finished two pieces last week, and the first one I would like to introduce you all to is “Aderyn”. This piece was brought to me by miss Meredith, who wanted it to fit into her home aesthetic with a little freshie fresh look. It was a beautiful mahogany piece that had just seen better days and needed a little patching, and a little knack love. I chose a dark slate blue and and away we went! The classic shape and curve of the roomy drawers combined with the fluting and stature of this piece just make it a joy to work on……oh and the knobs for this piece are just the best! I have been dying to use them again….I mean who doesn’t love a little octopus and ship action?! ME, ME, ME! They are the perfect detail for this piece!
Have a fantastic day guys!

Etcetera….Happy fourth!

bakers royale
Have the happiest holiday weekend! I love fireworks and celebrations… smells like freedom, and my birthday coming! {wink!}
We will indeed be celebrating, visiting, and firework igniting so I plan to unplug and enjoy some down time after a couple of the busiest weeks I can remember in a while! Let’s plan to hook up again on Wednesday, and I promise to have a brand new “Introduction” for you, that you are going to love!
Enjoy, and spell your name out with a sparkler just for funsies!

Let’s try this little DIY again….

The hubs and I installed a new mailbox a few months back, and there was a piece of 4×4 post left over…, I had an idea to turn these scraps into candle cubes. Crazy…I know…but here’s how I did it:
1. Cut your 4×4 post into even portions using a saw. Disclaimer: Please use all safety precautions when operating a saw
2.Your blocks should look something like this when cut
3. Use a 7/8″ drill bit to cut a circle in the top of your cube. This will need to be to the size of the candle, so measure accordingly. I just usually eye ball the center and go for it, but measure if you must!
4. Sand your cube until it is nice and smooth
5. I then taped off my cube in a striped pattern and painted away.
6. I also stamped the word “shine” on one of the cubes. Let your lights shine friends!

For the final step I sprayed a couple coats of lacquer on for extra protection….and there ya have it!

I had a friend walk in the studio, see these, and purchase them immediately…. so these guys are already taken but I will make more, so if you would like a set just let me know!


{It took me forever to get Blogger to upload these photos. I sure hope this gets fixed soon! If any of you have found any other solutions besides switching from old to new editor and buying more storage on picasa…let me know!}

Found Goodness

This week I scored a wonderful roll of wallpaper for… uno buckero….and it will be perfect for lining drawers….. perfect I say…
…Then I found these two little quirky treasures….
…one Pyrex bowl for my personal collection, and a ship cross stitch that is preshioso… the soft neutral shades….and the birdies… will show up in some photo…and maybe I’ll give a treat to whoever spots it….you know…like where’s Waldo?
 Have a good one guys!