Found Goodness

On Monday I found this goodness in my mailbox! “What goodness is this” you ask? Well….. for the last two days I have been working on editing the galleys for my book! It has been quite a mind blowing experience to flip actual paper pages and gaze at the complete manuscript in print for the very first time. My edits are now complete, so back to San Francisco they go today!

Next step…..Cover design!….oh. my. dear. goodness.



  I have been waiting for this day, and it is finally here! I now have the green light to let you all in on a few of the Knack book details! Woo hoo!
First of all, I am very happy to announce that the Knack book will be published by Chronicle Books! It is not only a huge dream come true to even be writing a book in the first place, but the fact that my favorite publisher will be handling it all is just thrilling for me. I am so honored to be working with Chronicle, and have learned so much through this fantastic process.
Second, the book will be about furniture…{surprise, surprise!}….lots and lots of furniture with plenty of beautiful photographs. Chronicle produces beautiful books, and I am super excited that a Knack book will be added to that list very soon.
Thirdly, the Knack book will release in Spring 2013!! The manuscript is complete, the photos will be complete in a couple weeks, and very soon I will start seeing layout and design for the book! It has been a lot of hard work…. overwhelming at times…as all huge projects can be……but it is all coming together beautifully, and I am so thankful!
 Thank you to each and every one of you for your support of Knack, and for the time you take every week to leave encouragement and love for me! Thank you, thank you! …….and get ready for the goodness, because I have been working really hard to create something very special. 
I will be posting a few behind the scenes photos in a little bit…..and from here on out! Woot!