Found Goodness

This week on my thrifting jaunts the pickins’ were a little slim, but I scored these two books! I have been searching for books that I can use for upcoming projects, and so I was totally stoked to find a French/ English dictionary, and a novel written in Russian? maybe….but who cares, it looks fantastic and I’ll probably be ripping the pages out anywhoos!
 Good. times.


via remodelista
I have these kilim rugs all over my home…and have mucho grande love for them! I wish that I could incorporate this idea…..but….
the only stairs in my home to do this to would be the ones to the walk up attic, and that would be a shame! hee hee!….. but I still stopped and paused at the color and beauty of this multi faceted runner. 
There is a fantastic DIY for this project over at Remodelista if you are interested in creating your own!
Oh, and the gray trim and light fixture aren’t too shabby either!


ideas to steal
ideas to steal
 Just like it is always good to have a little black dress on hand {for those events where it is only acceptable to wear black} is always a good thing to have a little black paint on hand as well… never know when you will need to splash it on and add some good old fashioned drama!
This color by RL is a favorite of mine….just the right amount of gray to make it the perfect black!
Paint color: ebony


 I get abnormally excited about designing and painting furniture…..I know….but seriously you all…this piece knocked my socks off, and I could not wait to get started on it! This fantastic sideboard belongs to a super beautiful couple, Eric and Bekki. When they approached me about painting it for them I was a little nervous since mister “E” is an amazingly talented artist, and color genius! The hubs and I visited their house for open studios and I walked through every room that was just bursting with color, collected goodness, and texture…..and was in absolute awe of the “coolness” that surrounded me! The dining room is where this piece will live, and the walls are bright orange! I can’t wait to get a photograph of it in the room to show you…and a few more of this amazing old house with high ceilings and moldings galore….you all will get noodly and wobbly in the knees… Just a friendly warning.
Anyway, back to the matter at hand…..I had just gotten a brand new shipment of knobs in, and was super anxious to try these giant glass spheres out. I knew that they would go on this piece, but I just did not prepare myself for how much I would love them. I usually am not drawn to glass knobs in any color…especially clear, but when I laid eyes on these monstrous beauties, I knew there was nothing traditional about them! The overstated size and shape demand attention and a whole lot of respect! Whoa Nellie!
Other than the fact that this piece needed to be some shade of gray to blend with the new curtains being made, I had complete artistic liberty and went to town creating a plan that I thought would compliment the space.
What a ball I had….and I really was sad to see this giant leave the studio. It was so awesome to walk through the front door and see this first thing! Oh man…..what a love!
Have a great Monday peeps!