I am still reminiscing about my wonderful and amazing trip to New York……it was so good, that it has taken me some time to unpack it all from my little brain. So, bear with me as I continue to revel in the New York goodness.
I want to tell you about the super lovely Samantha Hahn. I had the privilege of meeting Samantha at Holly Becker’s book signing party. Samantha is as cute as they come, has the sweetest smile and the humblest spirit about her. While we were all standing there in the Anthropologie store chatting about life, and dreams and books….I was introduced to Samantha’s wonderful world of illustration and design……and then she very shyly told me that one of her books was over on the shelf for sale! Say what!? I totally checked it out, and it is so great …..”think, write, create” is a sweet calendar/journal that is beautifully illustrated the whole way through. The very last page states “create every day”…….with words like that, you and I will be fast friends forever.
Yes, I bought the book {pictured below}, yes I had Samantha sign it for me, and yes I will be using it on my own book projects that are going down.
Loved meeting so many sweet ones on this latest trip to the city that I love so much.
Have a fantastic weekend!