Backwards, or forward….a tale to tell

I know all of you who come here on Mondays, come to see a furniture makeover, and I know that some of you will go away unfulfilled today in the furniture arena….but I hope to fill you up in a different way today, and then give you your furniture fix on Friday! I am working on two really beautiful pieces of furniture as we speak, but neither of said pieces was ready for a photo shoot……..yet!

Today I want to share a little from my heart: Besides being a creative business owner, writer, furniture designer, and photo taking lover….I am most importantly a mom to two very busy teenagers, a little puppy named roo, wife to the very energetic and wonderful JB, and a friend to some really special people who have poured into my life. My family is making the transition into our Summer schedule, which for me means slowing down, less days at the studio, and longer days to enjoy a more relaxed schedule ……at least for the next couple of months! My daughter has already been out of school for a week and a half now and my son will be out next week… our life is in full swing transition mode as we prepare for a fun Summer ahead. This is one of my favorite parts about being a creative business owner….I set my own schedule, and I plan and prepare all year for the “slow down” in the summer so that I still have enough work and income coming in to keep the business thriving, while at the same time giving myself a little thrive time too! It is the best feeling……and as we head into this fresh new Summer season, I have some goals for myself and for my family .

You may have wondered what the above veggie pictures were all about? Well, our local farmers market is in full swing, and this past Saturday I got up early and went with a friend of mine. We grabbed a coffee and strolled the booths of fresh goods. It was my first time at the market this year and so I was scoping out all of the different booths, and figuring out what I wanted to purchase . There are some new booths this year including a fresh pasta booth that had a line a mile long…and the piles of pasta were so beautiful and stunning! {I will see if I can get a picture of them next time since I will be purchasing some!} I hope to hit the market every weekend to buy fresh veggies, eggs, fruits, and specialty items like this amazing goat cheese, herb, and fig spread I spied and tasted on my way out! {yum!} I absolutely loved getting to chat it up with the local farmers and ask them questions about their goodies! I want to encourage and foster a lifestyle of healthy eating into our home starting this summer, and cut down on all of the processed junk food that gets consumed on a weekly basis. I would love to replace swiss cake rolls and zebra cakes with fresh strawberries and peaches…yadda yadda… on and so forth! We are taking baby steps, and hoping to make some changes in the activity area as well…..I for one miss my marathon running days, and the amazing shape I was in when I was running those marathons. The constant busyness and the growth of a business have all been wonderful things, but I have not been good to my body and it is time to get back to a routine of health. I want to be a healthy example to my family and to others around me….an example in making time to exercise, intentional eating, and lots of smelling the roses.

Be intentional. This is my goal.