words :: gratitude


It starts with gratitude.

You find the things to be thankful for (they are there, I swear) and you focus your mind and heart on those things.  The rest will follow suit.

Today, I am grateful for a good cup of coffee, my shrinking to-do list, and this transitional summer-to-fall season.

What about you?


Well, hello, hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season, and enjoyed some very happy New Years festivities. Our Christmas activities were very low key this year due to my family being all over the US of A, and my sweet mom having hip replacement surgery. I enjoyed taking the time off to spend with her, and I got to see both of my brothers when they came for visits. It would have been perfect if I could have hugged my sisters neck, but soon…..I will get to do that , and meet my new little nephew Job. 
I did get to hug and kiss on my new little niece, Jarynne. She is absolutely a puddin’ and I couldn’t get enough of her sweet face. There is just nothing like sweet new babies. I feel so blessed to have the family that I have, and am thankful in this new year that my mom is on the road to recovery and pain free days. It has been so hard to watch her over the past year, and see the severe pain she was in……I am so glad that is behind us in 2011!
So, I start out this New Year with much gratitude…..and of course it wouldn’t be complete without an introduction! So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you all to the first piece of the New Year……”Jabulela” . 
I know, it’s a mouthful, but it means “happy”, or “be happy”….and I think that is a great way to start out this year.
Miss Jabulela is available for purchase locally at Antiques on Augusta, and can also be purchased directly through me.
{ Purchase price 695.00, shipping available nationwide 250.00}