photo via pinterest
We have so many summer projects on our list….I hope we can get them all done! One of the projects is to switch the guest bedroom and my son’s bedroom. My boy is needing more room to spread out, and the existing guest bedroom is so much larger than his tiny little room, so we think it is time to create a new space for both him and our guests.
I want to create a really comfortable inviting space for our guests, and I think this saying on the wall over the guest bed would be wonderful. I would probably change the “my” to “our”…and use a different font…but I think it is super inviting. I also love the upholstered fabric headboard, and have the perfect pink/beige chenille print that I could do this with……hmmmm….like I said…hope we can crunch it all in! 
My eyes are bigger than my decorating stomach! I have decided though, that I need to spend some time in my own house sprucing up and styling… has been too long.