Well you all….I must start off with a confession: I WAS A TOTAL SLACKER THIS WEEK!  I had every intention of finishing some furniture for a post on Monday, but would you believe that I played hookie from the studio all week?! I can’t remember the last time that has happened……but with the big deadlines behind me, and the constant push for the last few months….this week was a perfect week for me to take a break……and I totally did! 
I really enjoyed my author photo shoot, and spent some time preparing for that……but the rest of my time this week was spent at home doing laundry, making smores beside my new fire pit, my son’s first soccer games, my daughter’s basketball games, coffee and lunch with friends and packing for our trip today to see my brother and his family in NC. It was a great , great week……and I will be ready to be back in the studio next week! I am not making any promises…..but I will try to have some furniture goodness ready to go at some point next week!
 I am really looking forward to hopping in the car with my parents, hubs and kids today and heading to spend the weekend with sweet family. It will be so good….and my sister in law who is an amazing artist, crazy thrifter, and all around creative soul…..has already told me of her plans for us…..and it is going to be so fun!
{p.s. the above photos are more sneekie peekies from the book photo shoots! I know you love me…..}
Have a great weekend friends!