Today I would like to introduce you to “Bertrand”.

I’m feeling stripes lately and I promise this will not be the last you see of them..

…I love this vintage scalloped mirror that I have had for a while…wish I had photographed it sooner… but it looks perfect sitting on top of Bertrand…so all is good

My peonies are superstars, and the perfect finishing touch to soften the masculine lines of this piece..

…and I mean it when I say superstars….what gorgeous creations my Creator created….{try saying that three times in a row}….

…the top has some striped goodness…

…as well as the side….and the front

…. these bone knobs with their fluted shape add yet another element of softness…
….this shot in the studio makes my heart melt…and you also get a sneak peak of the gorgeous, and huge 9×12 rug I scored for 20.00…..yes that is twenty dollars!!… {don’t hate}

…last but not least…the gray vintage modern paper finishes off the drawers to perfection….
…as you can tell by the many photos….I have much love for this “Bertrand” and feel inspired to no end to create more….and more… and more….
Bertrand is in the Etsy shop…feel free to visit him there.


…..Well better late than never….right? Sheesh! I have no excuse….just have been so busy, and I would rather do things right than rush them. 
Okay, now for the business at hand…. I would like to introduce you all to “Wyatt”. A couple weeks ago I got a call from a lady wanting to sell a few pieces…so, I drove out to her house and immediately fell in love with this piece… and knew that I would remove the old mirror and transform it into a small table/desk. 
The design plan for the legs had been milling around in my mind ever since the above magazine page from Better Homes and Gardens with those fantastic chair legs dipped in paint jumped out at me… got my mind thinking that legs that look like they have been dipped in chocolate would look pretty sweet! 
The stripes did not hit me until the piece was already painted…but I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I pulled off the frog tape and knew that this guy was complete! 
I have been waiting for a piece to put these fantastic ship/octopus knobs on …thus the name Wyatt, after my grandpop who is a retired navy man! Love you pops!
Hope this piece was worth the wait…he’ll be in the etsy shop as soon as I get the photos uploaded!
Hope you all had a great Easter!!


Welcome to Monday ladies and gents! I hope you all had a great weekend! It was chilly and rainy here the whole weekend…..BUT….both of our munchkins ended up spending the night with friends and so the hubs and I had a 24 hour date/dinner/movie marathon! It was fantastic!
The word “goody” makes me think of my newest friend…..“Gussy”. This piece was a beautiful little french dresser, but alas she had seen better days. I picked her up from a local dealer who was cleaning out his warehouse, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on her! I wish the before pictures could capture how bad things really were, but oh well…..guess you have to trust me on this one!
I tried out a new paint on Gussy, and so far I am liking it, but want to try it several more ways before I give the verdict and full endorsement! I will be doing a full tutorial on my finds, and will be sure to let you know all of my tips and tricks. I can definitely see me adding it to my assortment of paints for those projects that require this specific look.
Gussy is painted in a very subtle and pretty shade of duck egg blue, and the knobs are yet another addition to my ever growing knob collection. I love the retro feel that they give this piece and yet they are neutral in color for versatility. Gussy is in the etsy shop if you would like to bring her home!


 I get abnormally excited about designing and painting furniture…..I know….but seriously you all…this piece knocked my socks off, and I could not wait to get started on it! This fantastic sideboard belongs to a super beautiful couple, Eric and Bekki. When they approached me about painting it for them I was a little nervous since mister “E” is an amazingly talented artist, and color genius! The hubs and I visited their house for open studios and I walked through every room that was just bursting with color, collected goodness, and texture…..and was in absolute awe of the “coolness” that surrounded me! The dining room is where this piece will live, and the walls are bright orange! I can’t wait to get a photograph of it in the room to show you…and a few more of this amazing old house with high ceilings and moldings galore….you all will get noodly and wobbly in the knees… Just a friendly warning.
Anyway, back to the matter at hand…..I had just gotten a brand new shipment of knobs in, and was super anxious to try these giant glass spheres out. I knew that they would go on this piece, but I just did not prepare myself for how much I would love them. I usually am not drawn to glass knobs in any color…especially clear, but when I laid eyes on these monstrous beauties, I knew there was nothing traditional about them! The overstated size and shape demand attention and a whole lot of respect! Whoa Nellie!
Other than the fact that this piece needed to be some shade of gray to blend with the new curtains being made, I had complete artistic liberty and went to town creating a plan that I thought would compliment the space.
What a ball I had….and I really was sad to see this giant leave the studio. It was so awesome to walk through the front door and see this first thing! Oh man…..what a love!
Have a great Monday peeps!


Hello Knack’s friends! I am Fiona of Fee-AMore. I am happy to be guesting over here while Barb is out of town….
Perhaps you might or might not have heard of Katie Thompson of REcreate. I remembered i came across Katie Thompson quite sometime back and was absolutely amazed by her recreation of furniture, lighting and many other household accessories. Katie loves discovering the extra ordinary from the ordinary.

From old suitcases redesigned to become chairs, old broken kitchen scales recreated as clocks, dinnerware transformed to cake stands, milk bottles and china tea sets turned into lamps, are just some of her many amazing, lovely recreations. From old to new, useless to functional, Katie certainly gave them each a life with a function.

I absolutely enjoy Katie’s style and her cutting edge interior design. I hope you do too! And thanks for having me over, Barb!