Well my friends… was a long time coming…..but sometimes ideas take time to form and hatch. Sometimes obstacles and closed doors turn into the greatest triumphs and straight paths……..seriously… 
…but anyway, I have been trying to figure out some type of planter situation for the front of the studio. I went back and forth between wanting something recycled and found, something hand made by a friend, or something bought brand new.  I just couldn’t decide…so I dropped it totally. 
 Well, several weeks later I bought this piece of furniture, and had every intention of transforming it in my usual way. I started taking it apart and prepping it for painting only to find out that almost all of the drawer runners were going to have to be replaced. It made me a little sad because I knew that by the time I paid to have all of that repaired it would not be worth it cost wise.
So, it sat…..and sat……until two weeks ago when it hit me! I decided to paint it and pull out random drawers to use as planter boxes! The perfect combination of found goodness, and an example of what I do at Knack all in one. Timing was perfect because Hattie {my fabulous intern for the summer} was starting that very week and needed a project to work on! 
Hattie took my instructions and created this piece to perfection! She sanded, painted, stained, stapled plastic in the drawers, and created fantastic fabric “knobs” from scraps of material! I am so impressed with her skills and am thrilled with how this piece turned out! Thank you Hattie!
I came in at the very end, whipped out the saw and nail gun to make sure that the drawers were nailed in place {just in case someone might get the bright idea to walk off with them….or the whole piece for that matter!} and to fix the wooden dividers inside the drawers. 
Hattie and I were like giddy school girls as we pushed it out in front of the studio and filled it with flowers. I am looking forward to the flowers growing and spilling over…..but I think this piece could not be more perfect….and if anyone ever had a hard time finding the studio, or wondering what we do inside these walls….well, a piece of furniture with flowers planted in it is worth a thousand words……right?!