Found Goodness

While the hubs and I were away this past weekend, we wandered into a little town up in the mountains of NC called Brevard. There are a few little shops I love to browse in, our favorite place to eat, painted alleys, a great chocolate shop, and charm just oozes from the streets as you walk on them.

As I was browsing in one of my favorite consignment shops…..I spotted this beautiful picnic enamelware set from France. I picked up the box, which just happened to be painted in one of my very favorite shades of green, and started looking for a price. My eyes spied a little brown tag, and I could not believe what my eyes were telling me…….20.00 for the entire set of stainless steel, made in France, white and gold picnic ware! I looked at my husband with the ” I think I want to buy these and use them every day at the house” eyes and we were on our way to the register to make the purchase.

When we got to the register to check out, I double checked about the price just to be sure I was not seeing things…..and I do believe the sweet lady at the register wished she had spotted them first! I am just so happy with this purchase and can’t wait to put them to use!

What are you all finding lately?