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We are all about some pretty patterned paper here at Knack, and no one does it better than Spoonflower.

Spoonflower offers custom fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap.  There are thousands of designs to choose from on the site (including more patterns from the designers of our favorites above), and you can even upload your own patterns.

We recently tried Spoonflower’s newest product – peel and stick wallpaper.  The rolls can be customized to whatever size you desire, and hanging the paper couldn’t be simpler.  Not to mention the lush, woven quality of the paper – it looks and feels beautiful.

The possibilities are endless with Spoonflower at your fingertips. Check ’em out!


print available at groundwork
Well, we made it to Friday! It has been a super busy week for me as my book manuscript is due in 4 days!! {oh. my. goodness. I can’t believe it!} I have also been preparing for a photo shoot that will take place today, and another on Monday. The book is all consuming right now….as it should be….. and I just wish this sick feeling that I am going to forget something, leave something major out, or just plain flake ….would go away! I am so glad I am working with a fantastic publisher, and group of editors. They make me work extra hard, but it is all for the good!
I hope you all have a great weekend, and that it is filled with good things!
{p.s I just ordered the feather print above, because it is fabulous…and you may see it in the book as well. I’m hoping to channel some flight from these feathers today! hah! }