Found Goodness

I know this does not look like much to you all, but these tiny sprigs of life and growth bursting from the ground made me the happiest “gardener” in the world! Most of the peony plants in our area have come and gone this season…..and my peony plant did not make an appearance. {sad face} When I checked on the plant location, there were no sprigs coming up …..and on top of that when I parted the leaves and mulch a bit…. there were ants everywhere! I thought for sure my plant had been taken over by the ants, and that all of the years of waiting for that first bloom were all in vain……and I needed to start all over again. I was so sad.

BUT…….last night, as we were returning from our walk with little roo {our naughty puppy!} I happened to notice that these beautiful green sprigs were popping out of the ground! I could not believe it……..and I can’t wait to see how many blooms I get this year! I am ready to bury my face in the sweet smelling blooms.

Found goodness indeed.