Last week, I let you all in on my plan to increasingly buy more healthy foods from our local farmers market, and I did make good on my promise when I went back to the market this past weekend. My awesome friend and farmer Deb from Merciful Hearts Farm had emailed me and chatted with me all week about a recipe to help introduce me to cabbage. I was so nervous and let her know right off the bat that cabbage scared me….and then she said “how do you feel about beets?”……and I literally made a face as I read the word “beets” because oh my dear beets are scary!

Somehow Deb, with all her wit and charm, had me walking away from the market with a head of cabbage and the most beautiful beets you have ever seen. I was armed with recipes and instructions on how to cook everything {how awesome is that?!}. Overall, the fresh roasted beets were not bad……they were actually sweet and tasted nothing like I had imagined they would… but I think I enjoyed photographing them more than I really enjoyed eating them……and cabbage just may be on my “can’t do” list still.

I am confident however that with the help of my friends and so many delicious fruits and veggies available at the market that I will definitely continue to be adventurous and try new things…I ate {and photographed} everything you see in these pictures….AND… was not half bad! {Also, I may have just created a new paint color frenzy for myself due to all of the amazing colors in these fruits and veggies!}