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Zephy is a desk with punchy style.

Bedecked in mint green, his quirky-cool sensibilities shine through in details like a single gold-dipped leg and a sunburst pattern on top.  We think he shines even brighter adorned with a bright background for a laptop and a leather pouch to store it, an unexpected lamp, and a classic fiberglass shell chair.

A fantastic desk named “Constantia”

driftwooddeskconstantia1 constantia2 constantia3 constantia4 constantia6This my friends….is the girl I have been telling you about. I knew she had it in her, but it took me a few tries to get her ……perfect.

After tearing through layers of warped veneer, {to reveal gorgeous planked wood}, two coats of primer, four coats of milk paint, three coats of poly, and two coats of Danish oil on the top…….she is ready to rock and roll!

I think back on the hours and hours that this piece took to complete…..and they seem to just fade away, as the lens tells a whole new story of transformation and redemption.

I love my job, and this truly brings me joy! Speaking of joy….Matt Ayers and Sam Windell of Traveling Storytellers shot a makers video on me last week. If you would like to check it out, click here! These guys creatively directed this film, and I love that they honed in on the important things: Family, passion, joy and hard work!




This sweet little desk was such a treat to makeover! My client brought the desk down to the studio for me to start working on it…and as we were talking about the colors and design plan for the piece….she paused and said ” I’m feeling a little embarassed about this piece! is it even worth it to do this? When we loaded it up, a drawer fell apart….etc.” I assured her that even though it did not look like much and needed some wood filling, clamping, glue, and a few coats of paint….this is exactly why I do what I do……and love it so much. 
It is this type of challenge that gets my creative juices flowing and makes me even more determined to bring new painting converts on board!
Seeing potential. 
Made new.