FYI- A doe, a deer, a donkey, and a roo

I am so excited to be carrying this brand spankin’ new line of goods at Knack! These dancing deer, donkey boy, and kangaroo pillows seriously had me doing a jig when I opened the package! I did a jig, and twirled, and let out a little choked sob scream wail chortle…..and then looked around and was very thankful the paper is still on the windows so that no one had to be subjected to such frivolity and craziness.

It almost makes me feel guilty that I get so excited about a shipment of pillows…but then again, if I didn’t… I should just quit and close up shop…. pronto. I am very intentional about each and every item that I hand select and put the Knack stamp of approval on…and these have Knack written all over them! Stamp, stamp, stamp!

These pillows are just the first part of the goodies to come in this line….look for much more to come!

{pillows are $58 ea and are available for immediate purchase}