FYI – Sisters are the best

I am dead serious when I say that I have the best sister in the entire world! Don’t even start to tell me about your sister and how amazing she is because I guarantee you she would not, could not, ever not……hold a candle to my sweet sister. I am just teasing really………maybe.

My baby sister Sarah is almost 7 years younger than I am, and when she was born I used to carry her around like one of my baby dolls… mom would get all kinds of stares and comments because she let me carry my sister around like she was my own child. I had the hip hold mastered at the ripe old age of seven……:} Man how time has flown by……and my sister is now married with babies of her own. {very beautiful babies I might add!} I wish we lived closer so that I could see her more and kiss on my sweet nephews…….but maybe, just maybe there will be a change there soon! I am crossing my fingers and toes.

Even though we are far apart in miles….opposite sides of the country… sister never ceases to amaze me with her gifts of love and encouragement at just the right time. I arrived home from my trip to Delaware {my uncles funeral} and when my neighbor brought over the mail I saw a beautiful package addressed to meĀ  in my sisters immaculate calligraphy….and wondered what in the world could be inside? I knew it would be fantastic whatever it was…..but I was not prepared for the flood of emotions that came when I opened it up and read her sweet note to me, and then saw this amazing watercolor calligraphy print that she had made just for me. I totally welled up with tears at the thoughtfulness and love that seeped off the pages of her gift……and my heart filled to the brim with love for the greatest sister in the world!

Her simple statement was a reminder to me of words that I have excitedly exclaimed to her over the years as I have seen miracle after miracle happen in both my personal life and with my little Knack business…..and as she sensed the sighs of my growing pains and signals of distress with the move and all that comes with it…..she took the time to remind me of the past……of the many miracles I have seen, and experienced first hand…..reminding me not to forget them……and to let the memory of them fall fresh on me again………

I love you Sakes!

If you all have never read my sisters blog, or visited her etsy shop… are missing out. The way she creates, photographs and captures life is so beautiful…..don’t miss it.