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Zephy is a desk with punchy style.

Bedecked in mint green, his quirky-cool sensibilities shine through in details like a single gold-dipped leg and a sunburst pattern on top.  We think he shines even brighter adorned with a bright background for a laptop and a leather pouch to store it, an unexpected lamp, and a classic fiberglass shell chair.

Introductions – faux bois

Do you all remember this chair?

Well…..she has totally come full circle now! My buddy Dale did a bang up job on the upholstery work…..and even though the wood frame was a total bugger to paint {since it is a recliner and there were so many nooks and crannies!} I am thrilled with how she turned out! Take a look…

Isn’t she a beauty?! I hate to give her up, but her owners are ready for her to grace their space! Woot!




Well, there certainly has been an evolution process in the design of this chair! I loved it when my client brought it to the studio looking like this:

and I used it in several shoots until it was time to tear off the upholstery and freshen up the paint job…..and then it looked like this:

tearing off the fabric and foam proved to be more monumental than I had previously thought…..but it was done, and I moved onto the painting part. {woot!} I painted the frame in a medium gray and used a small brush to add some bronze details to the trim. Then, It was time for little miss to head off to the upholstery shop, and she came back to me looking like this:

For goodness sakes she is even more of a beauty now! I want to say thank you to my client “A” for trusting me with her treasure…and for bringing this beautiful chair back to the studio so I could photograph the end result!

Meet Aletta……and believe me…she is charmed to meet you as well.




Here is a sneak peek at a couple pieces that I will finish up today! I will be sanding , staining, waxing, finishing, and then I will introduce the little armoire to you all on Monday! The beautiful chair will take a trip to the upholstery shop and when it returns I will shoot some after shots for you all. It is going to be gorgeous with the new fabric!
Hope you all have a great weekend, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Don’t want to miss out on some awesome Thomas Paul treats!