photo via dos family
 I have been working on a plan for the front of the studio, and dreaming of planting some flowers again. I was waiting until the weather got warmer….and well… has been in the 70’s and 80′ here the past few weeks! 
While I am still having a hard time narrowing down what I want to put out front because… it has to be weather resistant, not metal….because metal tends to vanish around the studio parts {wink!}, heavy enough so that it can’t be carted off, colorful, and knack worthy. Whew!…that is a tall order I tell you!
I hope to get it narrowed down here in the next few weeks, and finally have some beautiful color back out in front of the studio.
I absolutely love the idea of these little colorful tin can gardens. What a sweet gift to give a neighbor or friend …while recycling and making something useful again all at the same time……good stuff.