shop snippets :: weekend happenings

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I thought I would share a few glimpses that were captured around the shop this week, and share a little bit about the activities of the weekend!

First of all, I am very excited to both speak at, and attend my third Makers Summit right here in my home town of Greenville, SC ! This event always proves to be a wonderful time of creative learning and refreshment….not to mention….the PEOPLE! I always walk away with new friends and mentors and that is a wonderful thing! I have heard from several of you that are coming from all over the country…and I am excited to meet you for the first time, and hug the necks of those of you I have met previously on my travels!

Also, First Fridays is tomorrow night from 6-9 pm here in the Village of West Greenville! Knack will be open as well as our other friends in the village: Lily Pottery, Art and Light, The Village Grind, Joseph Bradley Studios, Matthew Campbell Studios, Charlie Mae, The Station…and more! Art and Light is having a special show called “12 Friends Bit by Bit” and it is an event that should not be missed!

The weather will be gorgeous and warm, so come on down to the Village and immerse yourself in the creative hub of the city!

I hope you all have a great weekend!



living with :: Coralia


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There is no one like Coralia.  Her classic, straight-forward form lends itself well to fiercely fresh modern colors and styling.  This armoire is all at once fanciful and refined. Since she is such a singular stunner, we knew we had to pair her with pieces that walk that same line of time-honored and brand-new.

Enter this dress, with smart tailoring but a sassy color.  And the bag – a tapestry tote with leather details, but in colors and shapes that wow.  Hang a portrait with a sense of humor nearby and stow a blanket with heaps of class and personality.  Coralia will feel right at home.


I had several comments and emails about my design process after yesterdays introduction post, so I thought I would actually show you the drawings that go on behind the scenes. Sometimes I am just sketching designs that are in my head that are not necessarily connected to a specific piece, and sometimes I am actually drawing a specific design plan for a specific piece…….and then there are times where I don’t draw it out at all and just create it based on what is in my brain. I think there is a need for all of the above…..I don’t have to draw anything if I don’t want to because my brain is wired to see it without drawing it out, and spontaneity can be fabulous…..but I think creating visual aids, reminders, and guidelines is a great way to make sure that the proper time and care are given to each design.

Some of the designs pictured here have already been executed, and have found homes…..some have yet to be completed…some are half hidden because they may or may not be in the book….hee hee!…and some may get done in the next few weeks, especially the green one with the deep “V” pattern on it…….I drew that design plan last year….and I am going to make it happen……but it may not be on a chest of drawers. We shall  see!

It is super important to me, to truly create original and creative art with my furniture pieces… I choose to look at life and the everyday for my inspiration. It’s where its at.


Barb Blair



 Meet “Kammer”. This little beauty came from Charlotte, NC for me to makeover and make new. My client had purchased it a few years ago at a flea market, and while the light blue patina on the dresser worked for a while, it was time for a refresher in order to fit into the new space designed for this piece. When turquoise was the color of choice I knew little miss would be a winner when completed.
I took a little bit of liberty and added pink knobs for the photo shoot since the original knobs are staying on the piece……but …you know…..I just had to…’s what I do.
{P.S. the super fly “hooray” banner was made by my sister, and you can check out more of her work in her etsy shop……cranny}


Where do I even start with how beautiful last night was? We had a wonderful turnout, with a packed studio for most of the night….super delicious food made by my dear friend Renee, music, and beautiful, colorful artwork everywhere! However, I think the best part of the night for me was this:
…After everyone had gone and we were all about to say our goodbyes…{which was took forever because we didn’t want to let each other go!}…Elizabeth Foster wanted to sit down and sing with my daughter Brynn. We have Elizabeth’s cd, and Brynn knows almost every word of every song. So the two of them picked a song, Elizabeth got out her guitar, and away they went. By the end of the song everyone was in tears….it was the most beautiful thing to hear two voices…one of them my flesh and blood….singing a gorgeous melody. My little B has not stopped smiling.  It. was. amazing.
Thank you  Elizabeth, Sarah, and Julie Lee for your music, your faith, and what you have invested in all of us who were lucky enough to spend an evening with you.
Have a wonderful weekend, my crazy friends!