I am going to stray from the normal etcetera post today because this weekend is a very special weekend. Not only is it Father’s day,…..but our 18 year wedding anniversary falls on the very same day this year!

I have been married to Jon Blair for 18 years this Sunday. Just writing that sentence blows my mind. We have known each other for a total of 21 years, which have been seriously the best years of my life. Together we have built and purchased homes, experienced the miracle of birth and raising our babies,  braces, cars, loss of loved ones, starting businesses, highs, lows, good, bad….but through it all, we have been together side by side. I cannot imagine life any other way.

I am so thankful for the love of my life…..and I am looking forward to our mountain getaway next weekend!

{…..and a special thanks goes out to our 13 year old daughter “B” who pranced around in the prickly field with us and took these photos. She’s pretty great at it right?!}