I was tagged by the lovely Kirsten of simply grove…..the object is for me to pick one picture that best suits my design style! This was super hard for me because there are so many different styles that I like and some pictures have parts and then other pictures have the other parts ! So, as I was scrolling around through pictures…I found this one …and although there are no white walls in my house {although there may be very soon!} I love that the room looks inviting and comfortable…full of favorite collections and cozy chairs…..

…when people come to my house, my whole objective is for them to feel comfortable amongst my “things”….and it is the greatest of honors when a person feels free to take off their shoes and sit indian style on my sofa….. SO in a nut shell …..don’t sacrifice style for comfort…..always surround yourself with things you love and things that have meaning, and the style that evolves can’t help but be inviting……let your home tell your story!xo

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  1. our little love nest

    I love that in a home…a story with coziness is a perfect combination. I am not sure why but I also love when there are one or two things in a room that are unexpected. (my childish need for surprise maybe)

  2. Julia

    I love this shot! It’s so soothing with the natural tones. Then there’s this flash of color šŸ™‚ LOVE it!

  3. Munted kowhai

    Barb, you’re adorable! That is so what unabashed comfort is “sitting indian style on the coach”.
    that sentence makes my heart sing.

  4. SimplyGrove

    I love your pic Barb!!!!

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