Sweet As Honey

49myEi3-PJZw2zMe0mF8_PqG43tJJtKkRzuzxr6lM-4When Bonnie Christine.. of the lovely blog Going Home to Roost … contacted me about participating in a blog tour promoting her new Sweet as Honey fabric line, I took one look at the fabric and said…YES !

I had two chairs that were just beggin’ for fresh paint and new fabric seats, and so this was the perfect opportunity for a new beginning….and a makeover!

Here is what the chairs looked like before: {not horrible, but not hallelujah invoking either}

SAHblogtour7Here is how many layers of fabric were on one of the seats: { three, and lots of straw and moss stuffing}


I created custom {and very special} milk paint colors specifically for this project. I love how the tones blend with the fabric!

SAHblogtour1 SAHblogtour5 SAHblogtour4 SAHblogtour3SAHblogtour2Now, Isn’t that somethin’?! It’s amazing what a little paint and fabric can do!

If you would like to follow along on the tour, and see all 25 projects, click here. Yesterday, Heidi from Hands Occupied created sweet little needle pouches, and tomorrow Caitlin will have a brand new project up on her blog, Salty Oat.




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    • Barb Blair

      Rene….YES! Sweet as Honey fabric is so beautiful, sweet, and fun! xo

  1. vera

    hi Barb
    Lovely coulours! : )

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you so much Vera!

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you Darrielle! The fabric is so sweet and special….and my milk paint colors were inspired by that! xo

  2. Jenny

    Wow! What a transformation. Those fabrics are really cute and I love the custom milk paint colors!

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you Jenny! The fabric is so sweet and wonderful! xo

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you Bonnie! It was a privilege to be a part of your launch and blog tour! Your fabrics inspire me, and I enjoyed creating this project so much! xo

  3. Sue Bennett

    WOW!!!! What a difference in those chairs. Love them.

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you Sue! I think the sweet soft colors of the fabric inspired me so much…..and the custom milk paint colors reflect that. xo

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you so much Caitlin! xo

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you so much Marie! I really love the soft palette of paint and fabric too!…..it just felt perfect for Spring!

    • Barb Blair

      Thank you Kristin! Yay Spring!

  4. carly reed

    Absolutely lovely!!!!! New found inspiration for those chairs I pick up along side the road on trash day… Lol!

    • Barb Blair

      Awesome Carly! Thank you! xo

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