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….loving these fantastic pieces created by artist Leslie Oschmann…..original oil paintings and textures on found pieces…creating fantastic “new” treasures………

and speaking of original…..I came across this quote by Benjamin Franklin and it really struck a chord deep inside me…….”it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation”…….. xoxo

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  1. SimplyGrove

    These are amazing!!!! I would love a piece in my house!

  2. Francesca

    oh my goodness, another gorgeous blog to add to my list! thanks so much for dropping my mrs eliot books and for your sweet words. i shall be back for sure!

  3. Rachel Follett

    I am really loving this look!

  4. PS~Erin

    Those chairs are fantastic! So pretty and cool!

  5. our little love nest

    Oooh I love that quote! I want all of those chairs. They are so fun! You made my morning smiley. xo

  6. karlene

    super lovely pieces!!! thank you.

  7. Rebecca

    love the chairs…and the amazing quote!

  8. Katie Runnels

    Oh my word these are cool! I thought at first the images were screenprinted on or something…but that they are actual paintings is wow!

  9. Hello Lindello

    thats a great quote and so true! I want those chairs. badly

  10. Carolyn

    Wonderful words and so true!! There is no better feeling than to have the pride of creating something original!! Amazing pieces!!

  11. Amanda Nicole

    That little bistro set belongs on my balcony. Love the textures!

  12. forrestina vintage

    love.those.chairs. period. 😉

  13. malo

    This is amazing. What stunning work.

    I love your blog!

  14. Joyce

    These pieces are absolutely beautiful!! I enjoy your blog and just signed up to follow you.

  15. Arya Kamath

    Love the light blue color used. Beautiful painted images!

  16. Sherri

    You must have picked up Living Etc! 🙂

  17. knack


    I sure did…..:) It was a goodie!

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