today It makes me happy to showcase the work of local artist michelle taylor of bluemoss……..I know that she is no stranger to many of you who have seen her work, and have purchased a treasure for keeps!

Each piece is so carefully picked and planned out…….{I know this because michelle and I are pals …… we have gone on some very fun hunting and gathering trips together}…….it takes alot of time, and an eye for only the most worthy treasures that make each blue moss piece truly unique and one of a kind….. I love the way each piece has it’s own personality, and several can be worn in at least two different ways providing freshness and versatility…..making you fall in love all over again each time you wear them…..

I have my own collection of fantastic pieces {I would show you a picture of my jewelry stand, but you would hate me….in the best way!}…… and I love them so……xoxo

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  1. life according to celia...

    that eiffel tower with the grey ribbon… swoon.

  2. erin

    such gorgeous pieces from michelle!

  3. Kelley Smith Style

    love blue moss!
    happy birthday, barb!

  4. knack

    thank you miss kelley….xo

  5. vintage simple

    her work is beautiful… i've already invested on my first piece!
    and happy birthday, hey? 🙂

  6. lily pottery

    i love me some blue moss!

  7. Joyce

    Very pretty jewelry. I can't wait to see your jewelry stand.

    Did I just read you have a birthday? Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with wishes to come true and lots of cake!! xoxo

  8. blue moss

    happy, happy birthday girl!!!!
    thanks for the blue moss love…..
    i may see some blue moss in your future 🙂

  9. Estelle

    These are lovely and so unigue. But now I really want to see your jewelry collection.

  10. knack

    thank you m, maria and joyce for the birthday wishes! 🙂

    maybe I'll shoot a picture of my jewelry stand for you all……..maybe….if you promise not to hate me!

  11. pink olive

    gorgeous 🙂 oxxo

  12. Rachel Follett

    You must show us your jewelry stand! How fun to go on hunting and gathering trips with her. Also, Happy Birthday!

  13. creativitity channel

    Tour eiffel is my obsession!! lovely pieces all!

  14. Kristin

    LOVE that eiffel tower necklace!

  15. Room design studio

    Bluemoss is amazing.. I love those

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