southern artists: haylie waring + pamela wiley

i thought it would be fun to end with two more lovely scad women- one a professor, and one a former student at the fibers department.

i met haylie waring a few years back when i spoke at scad and have been following her ever since. her work has a wonderful vintage feel to it (a common thread among many of my favorite southern artists these days) and in addition to creating beautiful work, she also styles beautiful photographs. though haylie has recently migrated north for work, her style remains rooted in southern imagery and tradition. i love her spin on bags, whether they’re modern shopping bags or woven lunch sacks- she’s always got something lovely to see on her site. click here to check out more of her work.

pamela wiley is an incredible artist and fibers professor at scad– i was hoping i would discover a website full of her work online, but sadly it looks like there isn’t one yet. so i’ll have to share any images i can find here and hope that pam uploads some images soon- her work is too lovely not to be shared.

Was this series not amazing!! Thank you so much grace for a fantastic glimpse into the lives and work of these great southerners!! What a treat! xoxo

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  1. Michelle Berg Radford

    Pamela Wiley is the most AMAZING professor ever. EVERYONE should move to Savannah for one quarter just to take a course from her. She completely changed the way I think. I am so glad you included her here!

    Thanks for the post!
    Michelle Berg Radford

  2. Jennifer DeDonato

    Wonderful finds…love them.

  3. Jill

    love these bags – reminiscent of school days spent learning cursive…

  4. jackie

    You certainly make web surfing easy by highlighting so many fab finds!

  5. kara

    These two ladies are the best! I am so proud to know them:)

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