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  1. purple area

    These images are beautiful!!

  2. f2images

    I love that big glass vase on your dresser! Also love the charm of that old oval wood mirror….so rich looking.

    e 😉

  3. our little love nest

    Everything looks like a beautiful piece of art. It makes me crave going back. You and your work is so inspiring to me. btw…those flowers look stunning in that vase! (great eye) xo

  4. *plum*tree*studio*

    oh how i love it all! i am happy to say that i do have the woven black chair! i love it!! it’s such a great neutral piece. can’t wait to visit your shop one day!

  5. hip

    hi barb –

    not only your furniture but your photography is quite beautiful.

    i just bought a canon g7 and am still trying to master it. do you mind me asking what your settings were to shoot the glass vase with little round flowers? do you use manual settings?


    ps – here’s my etsy website to give you some idea of the trouble i’m having shooting:

  6. Meg

    Just lovely – these pics have brightened up my Tuesday morning!

  7. Munted kowhai

    your styling is charming! you should totally style for magazines!

  8. Julia

    These images are so soothing! is this your world? Can I come visit and stay a while?

  9. HeddyShea

    Do you ever let me down??? No! Fabulous work!


    I nominated you for an award. Check it out on my blog.

  10. Rachel

    Everything looks amazing! I love that giant vase.

    And my guy would be in love with your squirrel pillow. He has a totally unreasonable obsession with squirrels.

  11. knack

    you all are too good to me! thanks so much for the constant encouragement and support! You inspire me to keep going and creating! xoxo

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