so proud of this one……

I am beyond excited for Nguyen Le from knit knit {the fantastic creator of the knit power cords…..among many other things} for this very special feature on the Martha Stewart yarn show! How cool is that!

It’s so fun to add that little tasty tidbit as I’m wrapping a power cord for someone…..”you know she was just one the Martha show” and they look at me and say….”no way”… and I say “yes way, totally“…… and it just gets crazy after that!

I’m having fun today friends…… hope your day is full of light hearted goodness and happiness for the many good things we enjoy everyday! xo

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  1. Dee Larson

    How cool is that! That must have been so great. I was totally admiring the cute power cords. They would make the cutest belts ever! (amongst other things) xo
    (Hope your day gets better and better)

  2. Munted kowhai

    oh my gosh that is soooo cool! a cable post card! props to hand made!!!

  3. Vicki

    adorable cords! I had come across them before and took a second look.

  4. Mrs.French

    so exciting! and wow how adorable are those cards? xo t

  5. The Barkers

    I saw that episode! Love this idea!

  6. Hello Lindello

    So awesome! Oh to be on Martha…Thanks for showcasing the baby ben by the way. I just noticed!

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